In the name of God

Now that more than 120 years have passed since the establishment of the chemical engineering field, it seems that this field has proven its real position in most of the industrialized countries of the world by addressing the increasing human need for energy on the one hand, and the importance of environmental issues on the other. Currently, in most developed countries, the chemical engineering field has one of the highest rankings among other engineering disciplines, and candidates for further studies in this field prioritize it. In our beloved country, this field is currently receiving more attention than ever due to the vast oil and gas reserves and considerable mineral resources, as well as the suitable job market.

The Chemical Engineering Faculty of the Iran University of Science and Technology, which is honored to have introduced the first chemical engineering graduate to the country in 1935, is currently meeting the needs of the country’s industries by utilizing the valuable knowledge and experience of its faculty members and by attracting young and capable faculty members in various specialized fields, and by breaking the boundaries of knowledge. Currently, as beyond publishing scientific achievements at the international level, solving the problems of the country’s industries is highly crucial, this faculty has been able to achieve very high per capita figures regarding published articles in the indexed international journals (ISI) and completed industrial research projects.

The Chemical Engineering Faculty is proud to introduce more than 150 Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates to the country’s industries every year at the national level, most of whom perform their duties in high-level positions in the parent industries. Also, every year, more than 10 Ph.D. graduates from this faculty are engaged in teaching and research at the country’s universities and research centers.

In conclusion, I thank the esteemed staff of the faculty and all dear members of the faculty and students who support the faculty in advancing the boundaries of knowledge and solving the problems of the country’s vast industries, and I recommend all of them to strive more and wish them the kindness of Almighty God in achieving these sacred goals.”